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Shadow Poetry--A Place for Poets to Gather (Marie) - A special place where amateur poets, can publicly display their poetry and short stories. We encourage creative writing, as well as trying new writing styles in a family like environment.
John W. Young - American & International Hero (Dana Holland) - A comprehensive site offering information on astronaut John Young.
Barbara Tampieri Home Page (Barbara Tampieri) - The official site and virtual gallery of painter and sculptor Giuseppe Tampieri, original photos of the Dolomites and Vienna and a collection of classic stars photos.
The Goodhue Gallery (Jeff Whyle) - The Goodhue Gallery is a virtual art gallery dedicated to getting young people excited about art. Original layout and navigation system, yuo can explore this site like a real art gallery. Take a look!
NNC [gold site] (Naomi) - Quality Graphic Design, Professional coding, Useful Adobe Photoshop tutorials, Friendly atmosphere. As you can read in the title this is really a 'Gold Site' that can help you using computer graphic at its top, creating also something medieval...
Sannah´s Free Domain (Sannah Kronenberg) - A very useful site full of free resources for webmasters of just for fun, great layout and graphics! Take a tour, you'll surely find something for your needs!
Clan MacNeil in Canada (Charles R. Kaiser) - The internet home of Clan MacNeil in Canada, a non-profit Scottish Clan Society. There is a page with a full description (including many original photos) of the Clan Castle - Kisimul Castle, one of the oldest castles in europe (c. 1039 direct link:
Poetic Solutions (Enrique Sacerio-Gari) - A global approach (multilingual domain names, lettrist logos) that can be further developed in partnership or sold to interested companies. The site's distinction is its intersemiotic nature: original graphics, language(s), concrete poetry.
Xanathar's Library (Enrico) - This site is a library mostly about Krynn, the world of TSR's DragonLance saga and Tamriel, the world of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series. TSR the creator and publisher of DragonLance saga has released a lot of excellent novel books with magnificent stories, and great classic Role Playing Game. Bethesda, the developer and publisher of Elders Scrolls series has also release four great games in this series; they are: Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, and Redguard. Very cool graphics!
Anand's Homepage (Anand Sonachalam) - Personal Homepage with Personality types, Jokes, Quotations, Puzzles, IQ Test, OPtical Illusions, Cosmic and Ancient Mysteries and Greeting Cards. Great graphics and layout.

Stanley Portal Hyatt's Home Page (Ronald J. Wilson) - Welcome to Chivamba's Kraal! A great site, read the Diary of the soldier of fortune Stanley Portal Hyatt (a raw and often painful self-examination of one man’s quest for success and accomplishment in the world) and learn a page of history, different from all the others! Here you can also apply for two great awards: the Portal History Site Award and the Frontier Award (rated 4.0 by Focus).

Alberto Paronetto Home Page (Alberto Paronetto) - Do you think your site have an intellectual attitude? Apply for the 'Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude' (rated 4.0 by Focus) and explore this interesting site full of articles about Argentine and international economy.
ReNATssance Art (Natale Williams) - The site is mostly about art history from all periods of art. But there is a proto-renaissance page for medieval lovers.
Sundsberget - (Thomas Kilsberger) - The site is about a tenant owners society in Nora, a town in the middle of Sweden.
Dobermann´s Forever (Bitten Jönsson) - History about and photos of the Dobermann, going back to the origin of this breed. Visit to our country - Denmark - plus more ....
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