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1 - The site must have a great medieval or simply historical content: text, photos, graphics, myth, legends or every kind  of informations and resources.
Please read carefully
before to submit your site!
The Castles of Tuscany Standarde
2 - The Site must be well organized and easy to navigate. No dead links. Links to outside sources go bad from time to time... this is understood.
3 - There can be no under construction signs! No broken image links. The site must be frequently update, this award is for active webmasters only.
4 - Are accepted sites in every language but there must be an English Version. No more than one great banner (468x60) for page.
5 - The site must present something original and have several pages (at least five) with a consistent look and feel, not just links to other people's work.
6 - The site must not take a lifetime to load (net congestion is always taken into consideration).
New technologies (Java, Shockwave Flash, Real Audio...) are always a plus.
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