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Purpose: the Web Knight Award have been established to reward all the excellent sites with a great medieval or historical content and original graphic design, layout, easy navigation and presentation of the arguments. I feel it is right to acknowledge and reward those webmasters who have reached the goal to create this kind of web presence. It is the purpose of this award program to proclaim this to all who visit, so that everyone who looks at the Knight's Shields can think 'This site is a masterpiece that stands out and above all the others'. Good luck, Applicant! I look forward to reviewing your site.

Do you have a site with a great medieval or just historical content? Is your content put in an excellent layout with original graphics? Is your site informative? Do you have a site with original historic related graphics? Do you offer some kind of useful resources to your customers? So this is place where you can try to gain the shield! The COT Approved Site Shield Award is no more in stock, look at the old winners clicking here.
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