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Year 2000 Roll Of Honor
From this year the awarded sites are divided in Gold, Silver and Bronze
Castle Levan - 14th Century Scottish Tower
[ Trevor Hayward of Levan ]
Castle Levan commands magnificent views across the Firth of Clyde towards the mountains and lochs of the Scottish Highlands. The website contains internal and external photographs of the castle both before and after its restoration. The site contains detailed plans and elevations and excerpts from historical documents where Castle Levan is mentioned. In addition to information about Castle Levan, the site also contains brief information and picures of other castles in the surounding area and numerous pictures of the yachts and shipping that can be seen from our ramparts.
Mostly Medieval
[ Susan Wallace ]
Exploring several different aspects of life during the Middle Ages including religion,heraldry, and myths and legends.
Electric Scotland
[ Alastair McIntyre ]
Scottish historical and heritage site with International connections and community. A site full of resoiurces on castles and Scottish history.

3moons Castle
[ Lauranna ]

3moons Castle is about the arcane, mysterious, occult, hidden secrets, myth, lore, and ancient mysteries of days gone by. There are three basic sections that make up the Castle's content: Moon Lore, Wiccan Beliefs, and the Tarot.
Realm of the Vague & Obscure
[ Isabelle Carruthers ]
An electronic library featuring celtic folklore, epic prose, and medieval romances, including The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, Aucassin and Nicolette, and more.
Medieval Mall, The Medieval Marketplace
[Patricia and Robert Hamlin]
The one-stop marketplace of merchants, information & merchandise for Medieval, Renaissance & Fantasy Enthusiasts and Re-enactors. Our site is a castle...Room by room you explore, finding treasures within to enrich your medieval experience & your life. Discover art, costumes, puzzles, armor, collectibles, literature, music, film, travel, articles, events, forums and much more!
Mystical Knight
[ Mystical Knight ]
Mystical Knights is about King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, It includes Dragons, Unicrons and brief history on all the knights and King Arthur.
Burgenwelt - Medieval fortifications in Europe
[ Olaf Kaiser ]
Burgenwelt is the biggest German website about medieval and early modern fortifications. Approximately 200 fortified structures are represented [each on 4 pages: Information, History, Groundplan and Pictures]. Burgenwelt is in German, but an English version is in work.
British History
[ Graham Day ]
This site contains information on the Roman Occupation [43-410AD], Hundred Years War [1361-1453], Civil War [1642-1651] and Napoleonic War [1793-1815].
The Columbus Navigation Homepage
[ Keith Pickering ]

The history, navigation, and landfall of Christopher Columbus are explored in this content-rich website for students, educators, and historians. The date of 1492 sign the end of the Middle Age.

[ Thomas Van Os ]

This site is about castles of western europe. There are pictures and small descriptions of the each castle visited by the author.

A History of Viking Civilization
[ Jonathan Schneider ]

A site dedicated to providing the user with insight regarding the culture, conquests, and general history of the Viking people.

St.Petersburg's Treasure Hunter
[ Valentin V.Morozoff ]
Bilingual metal detecting site featuring ancient coins from Russian Empire, uniform buttons, buckles, medals, shields, religious artifacts, with German and Russian WWII relics.