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Year 2001 Roll Of Honor

House of Douglas
[ Jeff Douglas ]
It is said that if the name of Douglas were removed from Scottish history there would be few stories left for the telling. They belong to legend as much as to history. Whatever they did was dramatic and usually memorable and were Scotland's outstanding representatives in the Age of Chivalry. Obviously, if the Douglases had not existed it would have been necessary for Sir Walter Scott to invent them.
Tantallon Castle
[ Joachim Ziebs ]
The Tantallon Castle site presents this famous Scottish castle in all it's glory.
The Wasserburgen-Route
[ Dirk Holterman ]
The 365 km long and well designated cycling trail along the edge of the Eifel range in Germany guides you through a scenic area with numerous watercastles. Its a perfect way to acquaint yourself with more than 130 castles and palaces in the historical triangle of Bonn, Cologne and Aix-la-Chapelle [Aachen].
A Celtic Pagan & Wittan Center - Phoxxe Den
[ Lady Phoxxe ]
The Den features information about Celtic Paganism as well as the Tradition of Witta, overviews of some other earth-based practices, some Celtic lore and history, and an art gallery & much more!
The Virtual Babel Encyclopedia
[ Chris Joseph ]
Babel is a web encyclopedia of the myth of the Tower of Babel from prehistory to the present day in art, films, music, literature and more, featuring a quick timeline navigation. Regularly updated with new references and links, and featuring a Babel slide-puzzle game, the aim of the site is to inform all ages about one of the most enduring myths of history.
Haraldica Españiola
[ Pedro Melich Sauce ]
A site totally dedicated to the study of the spanish coat-of-arms. Lot of graphics.
Courtyard Expressions
[ Anita Harris ]
An Online Resource and Community for Romance in Art and Literature. The Love of Art and Love IN art theme of the site features Medieval-based Fantasy Fiction, an Online WebMuseum [featuring art from the Medieval timeline up to early 20th century], Historical Articles, Media/Book Reviews and Musings on Love, Literature, History and Art. Contributors are Welcome.
The Barons de Braose
[ Doug Thompson ]
A narrative history of the de Braose family. Lords in the Welsh Marches during the period 1066 - 1326.
Wales: Home of the Red Dragon
[ Red Dragon ]
This site contains information on Wales: Castles. History, Special places, Photos.
P-38 Lightning Online
[ Thomas Guettler ]

A complete history of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning World War II fighter.

Shakespeare at a glance
[ May Lee ]

Shakespeare at a glance, designed to let viewers learn all about William Shakespeare's life and works in the least amount of time.

East Silver & Perm Animal Style
[ Rodion v. Wildonoff ]

Not absolutely usual explanation of a problem of an origin of "the Perm animal style" [Perm art in VIII - XII th century].

The Great Battles
[ Stephen Beck ]

An in-depth analysis of some of history's great battles with a primary focus on the medieval period through to the 17th century.

Gods, Heros, and Myth
[ Nikki Burke ]

This site is dedicated to Greek, Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, Native American, and Japanese Mythology.

Mot's Castle Page
[ Marko Tjemmes ]

Pictures and information about castles and castle ruins in the Netherlands.

Clint's Castles of Europe
[ Clint Lively ]
A collection of visited by the author of this website around Europe. Beautiful photos of Leeds, Dover, Dean, Tower of London, Clifford's Tower in Britain, plus castles of Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands.
[ Michael Moore ]
Collection of coats of arms and information on the Royal Family, Hereditary Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire. Includes a searchable database with over 6,700 hereditary titles.
The 18th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
[ Tom Churchill ]
This is the only site for information on this mainly forgotten yet very important unit of the American Civil War. Contains the most accurate roster every produced for the unit, letters from the soldiers themselves and several in-depth histories of the unit.
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