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Year 1999 Roll Of Honor

'Whittington Castle Preservation Trust'

Colin Robinson

A small rural community in North Shropshire, England wishes to buy the Castle that sits in the centre of its village. Visit this web page regularly for an update on progress. Or better still get involved and help to make this become a reality.

'Britannia: The Arthurian Society'

Matt Crosby

Britannia was formed in the summer of 1990 for the purposes of research and re-enactment of 5th and 6th Century AD Britain, and for the promotion of Arthur as a factual figure in the form of a Romano-British Warlord of this time, as opposed to the fanciful king of medieval legend.

'World Castles Library'

Simon Elzinga

First of all this is the home of the 'Medieval Castles Webring', contains a lot of Castles Pictures and Info, link to other Castle Websites, and the 'Dutch Castles Archive'. An excellent resource.

'Castles and Ancient Monuments in Great Britain'

Wyatt James

Castles, Stone Circles, and Other Ancient Monuments of Great Britain. Descriptions and pictures of English, Welsh, and Scottish castles visited by the author. Contains a short description and photos, can be considered a sort of database.

'They Sure Don't Write History Like They Used To'

Sheila Brynjulfson

Medieval Historiography: A general exploration of the European historiographic tradition, with emphasis on Britain and historical Arthur. A site with one of the greatest content ever seen on a web page, presented with nice graphics and easy to navigate.

'Castles of Germany'

David L. Isabelle

A good archive of the Castles of Germany with sections on the Castles along the Rhein river, King Ludwig Castles, Heidelberg, Romantic Road and other places. The site was designed as a historical resource to be used by students during research on related subjects. Many of the vintage images displayed are from author's private collection.

'Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends'

Paul Gwynn

An Archive of History and Historical Resources. From the Dawn of Mankind to the Space Age and everything in between. Including Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance history, world history, mythology, folklore, legends, King Arthur, Robin Hood, aviation, maritime, and religious history as well as just for fun stuff.

'Castles Abbeys and Medieval Buildings'

Michael W. Cook

This site is a record of Castles, Abbeys and Medieval Buildings of Great Britain. Each site featured will give a brief history of the site and it's owners along with details of admission and some fine pictures.

'New York Carver'

Joe Chiffriller

Gothic engineering and stone carving at its finest with virtual tours and three galleries of original photography by a European-trained stone carver. Visit the online NewYorkCarver Shop of original stone and brick carvings, the Gothic Greetings card shop, or download a free medieval/theme screensaver. With an illustrated 'Field Guide' of medieval architecture, a Virtual medieval abbey. Extensive links to medieval art and stone carving sites. Great and original site!

'Letà' dei Castelli e delle Signorie'

Naldi Marco

Since July 1996, Our non-profit Association has been dealing with the exploitation of Historic and Cultural Heritage. We pay special attention to study and rediscovery of Middle Ages and Renaissance history, tradition and culture. "L'EtÓ dei Castelli e delle Signorie" promotes artistic properties restoration and reutilization. Our purpose his to preserve monuments and, at the same time, to present them to tourists. We arrange meetings and exhibitions, sightseeing tours and leisure events to let people know and appreciate traces from the past.

'The Great Castles of Wales'


A tribute to the greatest examples of medieval fortified architecture, the great castles of Cymru (Wales). Here you'll find the history, original photos and plans of the mightiest of those jewels and you can download for free the 'CASTLES of WALES DESKTOP THEME'.

'Nordic Mythology'

Bitten J÷nsson

Do you want to learn about the Nordic Mythology? Enter the 9 Worlds, where you can read about the history and myths of the Viking Gods. You will also find the legend of Bifrost and the Rainbow Bridge. A site rich of content and legends strictly related with medieval.

'Philosophy Research Base'

Danne Polk

The Medieval Philosophy Web features hundreds of links and text resources for Medieval Philosophy research on the internet.   Categories include:  Early, High and Late Medieval history.  Authors and names include:  Jesus and Paul, the Church Fathers, Augustine, Aquinas, Hildegaard, Meister Eckhart, and many more.  The Medieval Philosophy Web is a subweb of the Philosopohy Research Base at

'Torrione Castle Web Site'

Vialardi di Sandigliano Foundation

An intriguing memory of the Past, where gazing up at the walls of this magic 12th  century fortress you might just find yourself lost in a dream about medieval knight  and heroines ... A medieval castle, a key Italian example of a contribution to preserve the historical and social role of the Past. Important medieval resource like maps, photos, history of the ancient Cavalry Regiment of Piedimont.

'Directorie of Reinassance Faires'

Mike Bonk

Directory of Renaissance Faires, Medieval Festivals and related reenactments, with locations, times, dates, prices, weather and maps. Useful for all the travellers in time and full of information about medieval times.

'The Saxon Shore'

Jason Godesky

This page is dedicated to one of the most fascinating historical epochs. It was Dark Age Britain, and its history is dominated by a single man, who cast his shadow down through the centuries. He was a man of such strength and power that, in the Middle Ages, he became the paragon of chivalry, the example of kingship for which all others strove. He was known to the medieval minstrels as the renowned King Arthur. A great site easy to navigate, full of useful resources and excellent graphics.