Rocca of Radicofani - Photos

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The bastions of the outer walled circuit..
Santa Maria Bastion.

The curtain, with postern, between S.Maria and S.Giovanni bastions.
The Rocca Vecchia from S.Giovanni Bastion.

A particular of the Rocca Vecchia.
Rocca Vecchia, main front.

Rocca Vecchia Gate.
One of the walls of the 'Tenaglia'

Gallery of San Giovanni Bastion.
San Pietro Bastion.

San Rocco Bastion.
Gallery of San Rocco Bastion.

The 'Tenaglia'.
View from the top of the Tower: San Rocco Bastion and Tenaglia's Tower.

San Piero Bastion with the village.
Another tower of the Rocca Vecchia.

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