Albola Castle

Albola, or better Old Albola, rises in the territory of Radda in Chianti and it is caught up from the chief town following the indications that carry to us in the heart of the Valley of the Hung river.

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The tower of the Keep.
In the Middle Age all the 'Chianti' area was covered with many fortified settlements. These castles were fiefs of the many different local lords, like the counts Guidi, the Trebbiesi, the 'da Monte Rinaldi. Since the 1201, after the peace of Fonterutoli, Florence starts to wield its power on the region.

At the beginning of the 14th century this territory was organized in 'Terzieri' united in the new born 'Chianti League'. Albola, located on a hillock close to the sources of the river Pesa, was one of the most powerful castles of the Terziere commanded by the near town of Radda in Chianti.

The castle still looks today like a classic Tuscan mountain stronghold with the great part of its structures dating back to the 13th/14th century.

Albola is also one of the few castles of this type that maintains traces of the external elliptical walled enclosure , at the center of which still stands the mighty and tall keep flanked by another lower building, both of medieval origin.

The original gate of the keep opens itself at the first floor level, all the complex is constructed in stone and was recently object of a big restoration.

It was also a main point of resistance at the Aragonese invasion of the 1478, before it became part of the Gran Duchy of Tuscany. Today, at the centre of famous wineyards, it is a private property and seat of an agrituristical estate.

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