Argiano Castle

Argiano rises in the heart of the Banfi vineyards, at south of Montalcino. It is reachable from the city of the Brunello following the indications for Grosseto first and those for the castle then. The last kilometres are on country road. The area is private, the castle is visible only from the outside.

Postern, scarped basement of the keep and the only traces of the external walled circuit.
At south of Montalcino, the castle of Argiano dominates from the high of a hill the valleys of the lower Val of Orcia and Val d'Ombrone, with the slopes of the Mount Amiata set as picturesque scenery on the horizon. Not far away, rises the powerful castle of Poggio alle Mura. Unfortunately the fortification, known also as 'Argianaccio', is in a state of collapse, placed at the center of the exterminated vineyards property of the Banfi S.p.A. that here produce its famous Brunello di Montalcino.

We have information about this castle from 1208 documents, although on the hill of Argiano the first takeovers date back to the Roman age. It was always an important military outpost to guard the southern borders and in the course of centuries it had various owners and variously used until in 1438 it came under the authority of the Siena Republic.

The higher part of the keep.
The square shaped tower, or keep, is now partially damaged but still imposing, endowed by some beautiful windows with arched vault and equipped with a strong stone basement on the side toward the outer ward and the underlying valley. A small inner courtyard separates it from the residential area, used as palace [in recent times as rural house until]. On the eastern curtain walls, that connect it to the keep, is opened the main gate, with arched vault of worked stone.

On the opposite side a postern gave access to the greater outer courtyard, that reached the margins of the hill. Today only a little part of its surrounding walls survive, starting from the north-west angle of the keep. Around the castle rises the recently restored little church, in former times known as S.Pancrazio, that was part of the castle buildings.

The abandonment of the castle started in 1583 when nearby was constructed, on a design of Giovanni de' Pecci, the new renaissance Palace of Argiano. It belonged to several powerful families like the Montanini, the Tolomei, the Sozzini, the Ugurgieri, the Chigi.
The postern, the keep and the remnants of the outer ward curtain walls. The main gate. The main gate and the keep.

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