Buonconvento Town Walls

The Town of Buoncovento lies between Siena and the Val d'Orcia, on the SS2 Cassia.

Between Siena, Val d'Orcia and the hills of Montalcino, Buonconvento is now an important rural center; thanks to its particular and strategical position, where the rivers Arbia and Ombrone join together, along the old Via Francigena, it has a very ancient past.

The 24 of August 1313, after the conquest the town, died here the emperor Enrich VII of Luxembourg, defender of the Ghibelline last hope to reconquest Italy.

The town is for great part still enclosed inside the century city walls, built by the Sienesi in 1371 in bricks, it still preserves the monumental north gate )also called Senese Gate) and the rectangular plan of that period, many of the towers and great part of the battlements and machicolations.

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