Rocca Cerbaia - Photos

The fortress, crowning a hill in the valley of the river Bisenzio. The ruins of the keep, on the highest point of the rocky hill.

cerbaia1.jpg (11497 byte) cerbaia3.jpg (17551 byte)
The top of the hill: on the right the keep, on the left the remnants of the second curtain wall. The external walls between the wood.

cerbaia4.jpg (19245 byte) cerbaia5.jpg (17623 byte) cerbaia6.jpg (14590 byte)
The main gate on the southern front of the external walls. Ruins of the second curtain walls. One of the secondary entrances, at the level of the second floor.

cerbaia7.jpg (15048 byte) cerbaia10.jpg (13882 byte)
The main entrance to the keep. We can also see the central watchtower. What remains of the upper part of the keep.

cerbaia9.jpg (16571 byte) cerbaia8.jpg (11814 byte)
The piscine and a seat-window on the internal walls of the keep.

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