Lamole Castle

Drive through the motorway “Autosole A1” direction Florence to the exit “Firenze Sud”. Once you are out of the motorway tollbooth, follow the direction to the Chianti, “Strada Statale n.222” direction Greve in Chianti (about 20 km). Once you have reached Greve, follow the indications to Siena, the Castle of Lamole is at about 8 Km away from the built-up area.

The Castle of Lamole is still visibile nowadays in the middle of its valley full with chestnut and larch woods, climbing up from Greve the Monte San Michele, along the way to the suburb of Lamole.

Situated on a spur and surrounded by woods since 1000, the Castle of Lamole has kept its strategic position in defence of the Florentine borders during the war between Florence and Siena. Like many other settlements of this kind, the historical origins of the Castle of Lamole remain obscure as well as many events which took place between the X and the XII century and which brought to the medieval phenomenon of “incastellamento” (fortification).

At the moment, only the buildings’ walls bear witness of the Castle glorious past in its actual profile of fortified village, as it is possible to see from the street of Lamole.

The Castle’s settlement appears as a set of houses of different heights, placed in elliptic shape, 600 metres in length, forming the defensive boundary walls. Nowadays it is possible to see the ruins of the ancient walls only on the north-west side of the Castle.

The village, whose houses still maintain many of the medieval architectural aspects, is crossed in its length by two narrow parallel streets forming three little squares, the most important of which is located at the end of the built-up area and of the spur on which lies the entire village.

In the little and suggestive Castle the singer Riccardo Marasco, researcher and performer of traditional and popular Tuscan music, has recreated a place for hospitality in little suites and apartments of charm and an excellent restaurant service, the 'Aia dei Canti', where the management organizes traditional and folk music concerts featuring Riccardo Marasco – the voice of Tuscany, and “a veglia” (waking) nights, which is the peasants’ ancient habit to stay awake after dinner sitting near the fire and telling the youngsters stories, legends and traditions.

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