Castruccio's Bridge

or Campanelle Bridge - Text and Photos by Lorenzo Michelini

Castruccio's Bridge.
The other little bridge nearby.

The bridge is near Lolle, province of Pistoia, reachable following the Motorway A11 (Firenze-Mare) to the exit Pistoia, then the SS66 towards S. Marcello Pistoiese, and finally the SS633, where we can find the indications for Lolle.

In this Area: Popiglio Watchtowers - Piteglio Priory - Lucchio Castle

The bridge was constructed by Castruccio Castracani (1281-1328), famous captain of venture and sir of Lucca, to cross the river Lima, at that time marking the border between Lucca and Pistoia. The bridge was erected with a great unique vault in masonry using with fluvial rubbles and various other stones. On the left river of the river stands two buildings called 'le due dogane' (the two custom houses), that at the time of the construction of the bridge, controlled the traffic of goods and persons between Lucca and Pistoia.

As soon as the visitor notice the bridge he/she may have the curiosity to cross it in order to discover all what the constructions of the 'two custom houses', the bridge itself and the landscape can offer. You can moreover visit another bridge, constructed with the same technique, but of minor dimensions who lies a few steps away in forest along the path that run along the old custom houses.

The 'Due Dogane'
A view from the river Lima
The second bridge.

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