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The castles of Tuscany, a trip through castles, fortresses, walled town and other medieval treasures of this Italian region with history, photos, maps, touristic itineraries in the heart of Italy.

The Castles of Tuscany



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Updated the pages of Magliano in Toscana and Staggia Senese, added history and photos of Piagnaro Castle in Pontremoli and Piombino Fortifications.
Updated the pages of Piancastagnaio, Fortezza Imperiale di Poggibonsi, Monteriggioni, Castello di Cennina. Added history and photos of Fortezza Spagnola di Porto Santo Stefano, Castello di Calenzano and Montepescali.
Added history and photos of Castiglione della Pescaia, updated the page of Aghinolfi Castle, added zenithal photos of Rocca Selvena
Added history and photos of Torre di Galatrona and Casallia Castle, updated the Montemassi page, and added zenithal photos of Castel Pietra.
Added history and photos of Castiglion Balzetti [the Castle that only God knows ...], updated the Montarrenti and Rocca Cerbaia pages.
Added the Rocca Aldobrandesca di Suvereto, updated with new photos Rocca di San Silvestro, Castello di Vincigliata, Rocca di Sillano, updated historical notes of Castello di Staggia Senese and Monteriggioni. Now 'Castelli Toscani' is also a Pool on Flickr - Please join it!
Added the Castle of Tatti, Rocca and Town Walls of Campiglia Marittima, Rocca and Town Walls of Capalbio, Castle of Saturnia and new photos at Rocca of Populonia.
Upgraded the pages of Rocchette di Fazio, Montemassi, Rocca Aldobrandesca di Castiglione d'Orcia, added new photos at Rocca di Tentennano, Rocca Orsini di Sorano, Rocca Aldobrandesca di Sovana and aerial views of Montemassi, Rocchette e Grosseto.
Added photos and history of Comano Castle, new photos at Castiglione del Terziere, Nipozzano and Sorano.
Added Castelvecchio di Piazza al Serchio, new photos at Montecastelli Pisano.
Added Grosseto Town Walls, Rocca di Arcidosso and Abbey of S.Pancrazio.
Added new photos at the Castle of Poggio alle Mura, Rocca Selvena, Radicofani, San Quirico d'Orcia and Vignoni , the Abbey of Sant'Antimo in the Beyond Castles section.
Added the Castle of Buriano, the Crypt of S.Salvatore a Giugnano in the Beyond Castles section.
Added Town Walls of Magliano in Toscana, Castle of Pereta, Rocca of Coreglia Antelminelli. Added some new photos at Verrucole Fortress and the Parish Church of S.Lorenzo a Miransù in the 'Beyond the castle' section. New photos at Verrucole Fortress and Rocca di Camporgiano.
Added the Castle of Sarteano, Roccatederighi and Berignone Fortress. New photos at Castle Pietra.
Added the Gualchiere di Remole, Palazzaccio di Marcignano, Castle of Volognano and Rocca di Monterotondo Marittimo, new photos on Sassoforte Castle page.
Added new photo gallery at Montemassi Castle, new pages with history and photos of Pianettole, Mignano and Ponzanello Castles. Changed photos at Rocca of Sovana and San Bruzio Parish Church.
Added history and photos of Castello dell'Aquila [Eagle's Castle] of Gragnola.
Added the Trassilico Rocca, Rocca of Marciano della Chiana, Lamole Castle and new photo at Brolio Castle.
Added Castelletto di Villanova, Montefollonico Walled Town, Legri Castle, Abbadia a Isola Fortified Abbey. Added or changed the photos on Spedaletto Castle, Monticchiello Walled Town, S.Niccolò Castle, Larciano Castle, Scarperia Castle, S.Martino Fortress, Gressa Castle.
Added the Oliveto Castle, Castel Castagnaio, Casole d'Elsa Castle and Montarrenti Castle.
Added the Rocca of Pietracassia, Rocca Fiorentina of Fucecchio, Conti Guidi castle of Vinci. Added new photos to Poggio Imperiale Fortress of Poggibonsi.
Added the castles of Argiano, Poggio alle Mura and Battifolle. The Web Knight Award has been suspended.
Added the castles of Donoratico, Istia d'Ombrone, the walled town of Paganico and two photo galleries of Rocca Silvana and Roccalbegna.
Added the castles of Bibbiano, Montelifrè, San Giovanni d'Asso, Trequanda and the Grancia di Cuna, all with history and photos.
Added the castles of Monternano, Ranco, Castelsecco, Cancelli's Tower all with history and photos and new images of the recently restored keep of Aghinolfo Castle.
Added the Torre-Rocca dei Pannocchieschi of Montecastelli Pisano, Lucignano with its Fortezza Medicea and Rocca Senese, the Cassero Medievale of Prato, new photos of the Emperor's Castle of Prato, Rocca Sillana and Pieve di Sillano.
Added the castles of Paneretta and Monti with photos and history, new photos on Scarlino Castle and a big photo to Montemassi Castle.
Added history and photos of Panzano and Linari Castle.
Added history, photos and map of Malmantile and Lastra a Signa Town Walls, new photos on Verruca Fortress.
Added the Fighine Castle, Lucardo Castle, Campigliola Watchtower, Buonconvento Town Walls, more photos to Volterra, to Mugnana Castle, to Torre del Castellano, a big photo of the Vicopisano and San Gimignano Skylines and the Monastery of S.Michele alla Verruca.
Added the mighty 'Volterrana Gate' - Colle Val d'Elsa - and Il Palagio Castle.
Added 5 new castles with history and photos: Nipozzano, near Florence, Nozzano and Montecarlo, this one also with a map, in the province of Lucca, the Medicean Cafaggiolo - more a villa tha a castle - in the Mugello (Florence) and the Cattani Castle of Chiusi della Verna (Arezzo).
Added the castles of Tornano and Castiglione Garfagnana with photos and history and the Hermitage of Rosia in the '...Beyond the castles' section.
Added the castles of Ripa d'Orcia, Vignoni and Bigliolo with photos and history, added new photos to the Rocca of Populonia and Castel Pietra, changed some of the photos on Rocca Aldobrandesca of Castiglione d'Orcia, in the '...Beyond the castles' section added the Castruccio's Bridge.
Added the castles of Acciaiolo, Trebbio, Torre a Decima, Torre della Bandinella; aded photos at the Bastia Castle page, and the Piteglio Priory and Spedale of Magione at the 'Beyond the castles...' section.
Added the mighty Verrucola de' Bosi Castle with history and photos, reconstructed the whole section dedicated at the Florence Town Walls with 32 new photos and the map.
Added Pierle Castle with history and photos, totally changed the photos on Montemignaio Castle , changed and added photos on Romena Castle on Poppi Castle. Added a new big photo on Montecchio Castle .
Added Quattro Torri Castle, Albola Castle, Montalto Castle, Lucchio Castle and Popiglio Watch Towers all with photos. Added also new photos at the Rocca of Castellina. Now we have also a 'Site of the Month' program, submit your site!
Added S.Gimignano Town Walls and Rocca, the Fortress of Camporgiano and the Church of S.Bruzio in the 'beyond the castles' section.
Added a new old photo at S.Leolino Castle, new photos of Monteriggioni and photos of the Cerbaia's Bridge after the recent restoration.
Added the castles of Montauto and Verrucole with photos and history. There's a new section of the site called 'BEYOND THE CASTLES' which contains pages dedicated at other great medieval testimoniances of Tuscany that you can find on the castles itineraries: the Abbey of San Galgano and the Maddalena's Bridge, Cerbaia's Bridge and Pia's Bridge.


Added the Castle of Scarperia and the Fortress of San Martino with history, photos and maps. The 'Web Knight Award' has been upgraded by Focusa Award Site! to a 4.0 level.


Added 10 new photos of the Rocca San Silvestro, 4 new photos of Larciano Castle, the Map of Rocca of Piancastagnaio, History, Photos and Map of Malaspina Castle of Massa and History, Photos and Map of Fosdinovo Castle.


Added 11 new castles with history and photos: Castles of Crevole, Spedaletto, Piancastagnaio (Siena); Selvena, Castell'Ottieri, Rocchette (Grosseto); S.Niccol�, Montemignaio, Castelnuovo (Arezzo); Badia a Passignano (Firenze); Larciano (Pistoia)


Added the 'Web Knight Award Program' page, rated 3.5 by Focus Associates Award Sites!.

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