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What remains of the ancient strengthened suburb of Castell'Ottieri rises along the road that brings to Sorano from the Mount Amiata. From the Cassia road it can be reached following the indications for Proceno, then S.Giovanni and finally for Sorano.

Castell'Ottieri was part of the numerous castles of minor dominions tied to the powerful feudal family of the Aldobrandeschi that studded this area of Tuscany dictates 'Etruscan zone of the Tuff'. The castle, whose name is derived from the Latin 'castellum Lotharii', rose from a small relief on this volcanic rock that dominates the underlying valley and its origin is clearly medieval. A thick and tall keep, of rectangular form, with the external part endowed with a round tower that once rose in height above it, still dominates the gate of principal access of the city walls, of which some lines are still visible. All the fortifications are dressed of bricks in tuff. This makes the fortification seem a natural prolongation of the rock from which it rises. Despite the bad state of maintenance today the beautiful windows and the heraldic coats of arms that adorn the tower still testify the past beauty of Castell'Ottieri. Today it needs much restoration work and several years ago scaffoldings were placed around the small fortress to prevent its collapse.

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