Priory of Piteglio

The Back of the priory with the apse.
The stone stair of the external pulpit.

The priory is on the Pistoiesi Hills near S.Marcello Pistoiese; from Pistoia following the indications for Abetone, at 'Piastre' turn left in Piteglio direction, on this road, before reaching the town, there is a point from which a beautiful panorama can be admired: on the left side of the road you will notice a path, that will carry you to the Pieve.

The structure of the 'Pieve', dated 1040, is the simple with unique nave with a semicircular apse, also the masonry at 'filaretto' does not leave space to aesthetic enrichments; observing the Pieve from the outside some architectonic curiosities can however be noticed: the most interesting is the external pulpit, endowed with a stairway in stone; another structural curiosity is constituted from the double architrave surmounting by a Roman arc over the main gate.

The ceiling of the apse, visible on the back of the Pieve, is realized with tiles of stone while the roof of the nave, recently restored, has been realized with common tiles; finally, the engraving on the window on the outside of the apse of a date: 1712. Inside can be noticed the contrast between the timber ceiling and the baroque altar; on the left wall another pulpit, contemporary to the altar, is placed; finally, here like in many others priory, are present brackets under the roof whose structural function is not very clear.

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