Pogni Castle

photos by Marco Ramerini

The rests of Pogni castle rise next to the country of Marcialla,  around 6 kms far from Tavarnelle Valdipesa, reachable from the homonym exit of the speedway FI-SI.

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Pogni Castle, already known as Pogna,  was one of the most powerful outposts of Semifonte in the Elsa Valley, principal castle of the powerful feudal dynasty of the counts Alberti, last resistance to be eliminated by the Commune of Florence.

The first notice of the existence of the castle is dated 1059. The fortification, become property of the counts Alberti, was besieged and conquered by the Florentines in 1184. In the battle was taken prisoner the count Alberto, to him was let swear to demolish within the year 1185  all the fortifications of the castle at exception of the palace - "totum castellum de Pogna excepto palatium cum turri" - and also all the towers of the near town of Certaldo - "omnes turres et de Certaldo". However, the promise was not or only partly maintained, in fact from in an imperial bull of the beginning of the 13th century is confirmed the dominion of the Alberti family on the castle of Pogna.

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This can be considered one of the last official demonstrations of the feudal power of this area, that  in the year 1202, with the destruction of Semifonte, lost every power towards the Florentine. The definitely destruction of the castle happened in 1312 by the army of Arrigo VII° and then the rests were abandoned . In 1382 the fortification was reactivated for the last and short time by Florence.

Still today imposing, but unfortunately scarce, ruins rise on a knoll, said 'Marcialla Hill' from the name of the near country, at dominion of the Pesa Valley. A high partially demolished tower   and some shed building structures remains, and some rural constructions  were built following the traces of the ruins.

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