Quattro Torri Castle

The castle of the 'Four Towers' rises to the periphery of Siena, is reachable following the indications for the locality of S.Regina.

The most important castle of medieval origin still today practically intact in the immediate outskirts of Siena is without doubt known by the name of 'Quattro Torri' (Four Towers). It is located a few hundred meters away from the church of S.Regina and until the 1500 carried this name. Its origin seems to go back to the beginning of the 1300s. In 1376 it became property of the family Bichi who, towards the second half of the successive century restored the castle. Thanks to its strategic position the 'Quattro Torri' played a primary role at the times of the 'War of Siena' in the middle of 16th century.

The castle is constituted by an imposing mass of square shapes built in red bricks endowed with four angle towers with various dimensions but of the same height. The base of the walls is lightly bastionated, under the battlement we can still admire the machicolation apparatus of classic Sienese style. The gate of access, with its Gothic arch was protected by breteche. The inner courtyard, not of great dimensions, is endowed on two sides by a porticate from which begins the stairway that gives access to the upper level. Transformed into a villa, today it is aprivate residence visible only from outside.

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