Hermitage of Rosia

Photos by Carlo Pisani

The hermitage is in the commune of Sovicille, near the little suburb of Rosia, it can be reached from Siena following the SS.73. To reach the ruins you've to cross the Rosia stream walking on the Medieval Pia's Bridge

The facade of the hermitage

Along the ancient Road Massetana nearby the Pia's Bridge, that cross the Rosia stream, and the Castle of Montarrenti we can find the ruins of this Hermitage, know also with the name of S.Lucy. This was once a convent of the Augustinian monks, founded thanks to the help of the important Sienese family of the Spannocchi, owner of the estate of Spannocchia, in which the construction rises. The first document in which it is remembered goes back to the year 1225. For all the Middle Ages the complex was an important point of reference for the travelers and pilgrims who from Siena wants to reach the Metalliferous Hills and the Maremma.

Ruins of the church

Today remains only scarce traces of the Church, dedicated to the Saints Antony and Lucy, a part of the presbytery and the foundations of the walls of the external perimeter, from which can be deduced that the building had one nave covered with vaults. Still imposing are the rests of the hermitage itself, even though in ruin, beautiful the facade on the side of the cloister, today disappeared, in which are opened large arches, from which someone has thought well to remove the stone frames. This building was used, until a few decades ago, to farm house of the estate.

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