S. Bruzio Parish Church

Near the Etruscan sepulchral area sited outside the town of Magliano in Toscana, sourrounded by olive-groves, rises the rests of the Romanic church of S.Tiburzio, better known with the popular name of S.Bruzio. This religious settlement was an important presbitery, remembered since the 13th-14th century. Between its walls were offered hospitality at the old priests of the local diocese: they started a commonlife, like a kind of monastery. Today survives the rests of the presbiterial part, with the central apse, two wings of the transept and the octagonal foundation of the Dome (Cupola) that reaches out towards the sky in the grafting point with the unique big central Nave.

Of the Dome and the nave remain no traces. The external sides of the church, in particular the outside sweep of the abside, were finely worked and endowed with slender semi-columns waking up with hanging arcades. The architecture of S.Bruzio remember closely the Lombard style of the northern Italy, but in some particulars - the decorations of the abside, the column capitals and the lightness of its global form - we can see the developement of a primordial Gothic style. In the scarces rests we can still admire many sculptures and other fine carved furnishings.

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